Hey Fellow Petal-head!

My name is Courtney Connelly and I am the owner and lead designer at Petals to the Metal Floral

I have worked with and around flowers for 20 years in varying capacities; from my early days as the flower girl at Ideal Market, to working as a designer and freelancer at flower shops in and around Boulder and Denver, and now, as the proud owner and lead designer at Petals to the Metal Floral. I am truly living my purpose and my dream. It is my pleasure to create for you, and for all of those in the past, who have entrusted me to form their sentiments into existence via flowers.

When not flowering, you can find me enjoying all the good things like paddleboarding, hiking, reading Steven King novels, hosting a game night with my partner, mixing up a cocktail, singing ballads to my cat and researching what scary movie to watch next.

From 90's Flower child - to Floral Artiste

I grew up in Boulder, CO and was a child of the 80’s and 90’s. I loved playing outside, without supervision (gasp), or many worries except being home by lights out and making sure I changed the channel from MTV to Nickelodeon before my mom came home. My imagination blossomed, nurtured by my freedom and the natural world around me. I loved climbing trees, building forts and creating environments from sticks and grass for the insects I would catch. To this day, I continue to find inspiration and joy in nature and believe I have the best job in the world – being a florist.

Bloomin' bouquets for every occasion