One of a kind bouquets

for one of a kind people

If you love inventive, thoughtful and one-of-a-kind pieces of floral art, you’re in the right place! We love creating arrangements reflective of emotion; using color, texture and palette to send your message via flowers. Our style is eclectic, artistic and whimsical.

Our flower-fueled arrangements are born to shred boredom, ignite excitement, and riff out happiness and grace with a kick-ass attitude!

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The Deep Thinker

The Deep Thinker$75.00 USD

For the ones who delve into the depths of thought, enjoy pondering life's complexities, get lost in the depths of a novel, or are simply always seeking a moment of serenity.

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The Playful Artist

The Playful Artist$75.00 USD

For the bold souls, free spirits, and creative geniuses – our "Playful Artist" bouquet is a vibrant floral masterpiece that's as vivid as your loved one!

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The Elegant Sophisticate

The Elegant Sophisticate$75.00 USD

For the epitome of grace, sophistication, and timeless beauty, we present to you our "Timeless Elegance" bouquet – a bespoke creation designed for the effortlessly elegant soul.

Not your Grandma's flower shop.

We're not afraid to push the boundaries of floral artistry, mixing blooms and greens with the precision of a rock 'n' roll guitarist.

We are happy to call Westminster home and are proud to serve our community and neighboring cities with flowers that honor all of the special occasions in life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, offering support or just wanting to bring more beauty into the world, we’re here to help make it fun, easy and gorgeous!